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Ikoyi Club 1938 is a private member family Club and it occupies an enviable area of approximately 456 acres of land and provides first class facilities for about 10, 000 members. On September 29, 1938, Ikoyi Club 1938 officially came into being through the merger of the European Club and Lagos Golf Club.


Social Responsibility

Ikoyi Club 1938 Donates To Esther Wada

Ikoyi Club 1938 part sponsored Esther Wada on a medical trip to India. Esther was diagnosed at the age of two months with recurrent episodes of acute urinary retention with failed urethral cauterization and had been in and out of hospital since then. Esther was successfully operated upon in a specialist hospital in India.
Esther visited the Club today with her parents and the Coordinator of Save Esther Wada's Life Campaign (Mrs Grace Sodunke) to express their gratitude to the Club for her support.
Esther Wada, who is now in SS2 has since returned to school.