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P.O. Box 239 Ikoyi, Lagos


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Ikoyi Club 1938 is a private member family Club and it occupies an enviable area of approximately 456 acres of land and provides first class facilities for about 10, 000 members. On September 29, 1938, Ikoyi Club 1938 officially came into being through the merger of the European Club and Lagos Golf Club.

Lawn Tennis section

In this very unique and esteemed club is to be found a section, the Lawn Tennis Section

Bringing out the best in each other!

The Lawn Tennis Section can be equated to the hub of Ikoyi Club 1938. It has a membership of well over two thousand "ordinary members"


Tennis Section is the second largest in the Club with active membership strength of 3,281 as at the end of May 2016. Tennis is a game that is played in the spirit of good sportsmanship. It is administered by an executive committee of elected members constituted as follows:

  1. Chairman.
  2. Vice Chairman.
  3. Treasurer.
  4. Games Captain.
  5. Entertainment Officer.
  6. Ex-Official.


Elections for the above-mentioned positions are held annually for a one(1) year term renewable for another year(maximum).

The Section has nine (9) hard courts of International standard and the Administrative structure of the section is headed by the chairman who meets with his committee on a monthly basis to deliberate on the smooth running of the section. There is a center court complex which is capable of sitting 500 spectators. The section has two bars, a kitchen, and a sports shop.

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It has a set of rules/ regulation that governs the activities of its members’ and they work in line with the overall Ikoyi Club’s rules.

The Section is made up of a well lay-out Bar lounge with other facilities like Viewing pavilion, Barbing /hairdressing saloon, a modern Gym under

construction, upper deck bar with plasma televisions conspicuously positioned

for members’ pleasure.

It also has an Administrative office with modern office equipment’s, conference

room, ball boys and coaches restrooms with electronics facilities.


Tennis Section official opening hours is 8 am – 11 am, but the bar remains operational till the last member leaves the section.



The Section has a resident head coach and two assistant coaches. It also has

7 freelance coaches and 3 junior freelance coaches.



  1. ADVERT/VENDORS OUTLETThe Section is strategically positioned with vast areas and spaces for advertpurposes.It is also the only section in the club that has up to four (4) spaces for vendors who carry out their businesses on a daily basis. This business includes:i. A kitchen with modern cooking equipment where bothlocal and continental dishes are prepared in a very hygienic condition formembers’ and guests.ii. Sports shop where members purchase their sporting kits which are of International standard. Members from all over theclub come in here to choose their latest sporting kit especially tennis related stock.iii. Confectionary store which serves members various kind of confectionary from ice cream, peanut, etc.iv.  Barbing/hairdressing saloon and massaging room
  2. VIEWING PAVILION:The Tennis viewing pavilion has a sitting capacity of 600 for viewers in addition to a spacious terrace that can seat well over 200 people.



  1. 1971 – 1973 MR D.R. MURRAY
  2. 1974 – 1975 MR H. SLOT
  3. 1976 – 1977 MR A. GIALAIN
  4. 1977 – 1978 MR W.A. BURNETT 
  5. 1978 – 1979 MR J. PAGE
  6. 1980 – 1981 DR A. A. EFUNKOYA
  7. 1981 – 1982 ARC C.C. HILARIO
  8. 1982 – 1984 MR E.C. IKEYINA
  9. 1984 – 1985 MR OLU AJIBADE
  10. 1985 – 1986 MR Z. CAPTAN: 
  11. 1986 – 1987 MR G.A.T. OBOH
  12. 1987 – 1988 DR MADE OYENIYA
  13. 1989 – 1990 MR C. A. CHUKWURAH
  14. 1990 – 1991 MAZI S. L. EZEDINMA
  15. 1991 – 1992 DR W.O. EGBUNA
  16. 1993 – 1994 MR FRANK IGBENE
  17. 1995 – 1996 DR A. ALAKIJA
  18. 1997 – 1998 ENGR OBIDI EZENWA
  19. 1999 – 2000 MR A. BOB DELA ROSA
  20. 2001 – 2002 MR AKIN ADESOKAN
  21. 2003 – 2004 ENGR TUNDE OLANIYAN
  22. 2005 – 2006 MR VICTOR AZINGE
  23. 2007 – 2008 MR EDET E. AKPASO
  24. 2008 – 2009 MR CHIKE ORJIAKO
  25. 2010 – 2011 MR WALE OPEJIN
  26. 2011 – 2013 MR BILLY JOE EKWUNIFE
  27. 2014 – 2016 MR EDE OSEMWENGIE
  28. 2016 – 2018 MR OLOYE ESAN OGUNLEYE
  29. 2018 – 2019 Mr. Abimbola Okubena
  30. 2020 – 2021 Lady Maryann Nnenne Chukwueke
  31. 2022 – 2023 Mr. Akeem Mustafa

Meet our executives

  • Evans Sunday Uko Vice chairman lawn tennis
  • Afolake Olawuyi Secretary
  • Mr. Azubike Okonkwo Tennis Games Captain

Upcoming Lawn Tennis tournamentsView tournaments archive →

We constantly engage ourselves in a few engaging and entertaining events and also healthy but highly competitive tournament all year round. With every tournament comes a winner. We are proud to showcase a list of tournament winners over the years.