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Ikoyi Club 1938 is a private member family Club and it occupies an enviable area of approximately 456 acres of land and provides first class facilities for about 10, 000 members. On September 29, 1938, Ikoyi Club 1938 officially came into being through the merger of the European Club and Lagos Golf Club.



2024 Zenith Bank Ikoyi Club Tennis Grand Slam: A Spectacular Showdown

The prestigious Ikoyi Club 1938 is abuzz with excitement as the annual Zenith Bank Tennis Grand Slam kicks off. This thrilling championship, now in its 9th year, promises intense matches, fierce rivalries, and outstanding talent. Let’s dive into the action!

The Players

Over 90 tennis players have registered for the Grand Slam, representing a diverse range of categories:
  • Men’s Singles: The players are divided into Group A and B, ready to battle it out on the pristine grass courts.
  • Women’s Singles: The women’s division features skilled athletes vying for the coveted title.
  • Veterans: Seasoned players bring their experience and finesse to the court.
  • Super Veterans: The age doesn’t hinder their passion; these veterans continue to impress.
  • Team Events: Men and women join forces to compete as teams, showcasing their synergy.

Zenith Bank’s Consistent Support

The Grand Slam owes much of its success to Zenith Bank, the unwavering sponsor. For over nine years, Zenith Bank has stood by the Ikoyi Club tennis section, demonstrating commitment and dedication. Their renewed sponsorship for another three years comes with improved offers, ensuring the tournament’s continued growth.

Words from the Vice-Chairman

Speaking at a press conference, Evans Sunday Uko, Vice-Chairman of the Ikoyi Club tennis section, expressed gratitude to Zenith Bank. He emphasized the visibility that sponsors gain by supporting such events. Private organizations and individuals are encouraged to follow Zenith Bank’s lead and contribute to the thriving tennis community.

The Excitement Unfolds

From powerful serves to elegant volleys, the Grand Slam promises thrilling moments. As the matches unfold, spectators will witness passion, sportsmanship, and sheer determination. Who will emerge as the ultimate champion? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for daily updates, player profiles, and match highlights as the 2024 Zenith Bank Ikoyi Club Tennis Grand Slam reaches its climax on Saturday, May 25th. Tennis enthusiasts, mark your calendars—you won’t want to miss this!